There Is No Need To Frenzy Even In Times Of Crisis

Whether press releases in radio, television or other media. It is frightening how many a car driver turns the wheel or steering wheel and steps on the accelerator. Whether illness or environmental disasters, increased speed is not appropriate.

Panic Brings A Standstill

Every driver should have the images in his head: chaos, traffic jams and even total standstill always arise. When many drivers try to leave the crisis area as quickly as possible in the event of forest fires, the risk of earthquakes, floods and other environmental disasters.

Does Little Traffic On The Streets Turn Off The Brain?

Due to the pandemic and the associated restrictions, the volume of traffic has decreased many times over and the streets are almost empty.

Zone 100 km / h on the motorway, vehicle flashed at 200 km / h. Zone 30 km / h city center with 75 km / h or in a through-town 50 km / h allowed with 80 km / h. It could go on like this. All these vehicle drivers now have enough time as pedestrians to forget the unnecessary hectic pace.

Are The Penalties For Speeding Offenders Too High?

In contrast to many other European countries, too little. Germany is a real paradise for speeders when it comes to punishment.

Always With Tranquillity

It doesn’t matter what the emergency is. Traveling too fast increases the risk even further. Vehicles that are equipped with flashing lights and an additional signal are faster on the road, if necessary. These vehicle drivers will only drive faster where the traffic situation allows. A faster advance does not bring the speed, but the clear road which is reached by the blue light and signal.

The problems cannot be resolved with the accelerator pedal. Once created, it always takes time to solve the problem. Crises and problematic situations do not justify frenzy. Driving too fast increases the risk of an accident. Problems can be solved with calm and thought and the driver does not endanger other road users.

Chinese Praying And How It Is Followed From Ancient Years

Chinese Praying And How It Is Followed From Ancient Years




The least population of China is Christians. Those who belong to the state church often visit churches to pray 马来西亚金纸批发商. Others who belong to underground churches often keep home meet-ups or forests or secret locations to worship God. They are meant not to be seen to pray or persecute openly. Others are Muslims who perform their rituals in a mosque.

But whatever the religion is, every person who believes in God finds peace while praying.

Beijing's worship sites on the first day of the Lunar New Year - CGTN


Buddhism and Taoism


Both Buddhism and Taoism have a habit of incorporating prayers into their daily rituals. For example, when they pray, a small bell is rung to alert them about the monastic prayer (mu-yu), which is performed in the morning, noon, and night.


When someone dies, prayers in Taoism at performed in funerals and are important. They could be on the anniversary of a loved one, after 30 days of the death, or even the deceased’s birthday. It is believed that these prayers help the deceased spirit to improve his/her experiences in the afterlife.


There are even certain prayers that accompany vows and pilgrimages. One hundred eight laymen use 108 beads string and Buddhist monks to have these prayers.

Chinese New Year Celebrations, When and How to Celebrate (2021)


How prayers are performed


Communicating with the Buddhist powers is a slippery slope. Everyone who is a part of this needs to follow the rules and pay attention to all the rituals carefully To make sure that your prayers reach the highest ears, do not be rude in Buddhist temples and follow the instructions.


It is really simple, and you need three incense sticks and two candles. Inside the temple, three steps need to be followed- entering with the right foot, kneeling to bow, exit the temple with the left foot.


In the courtyard, light your three sticks. Hold the sticks in between the palms and take it upon your forehead facing the temple and start praying. It is mandatory to keep the incense sticks close to the forehead and not near the chest or lower. Bow 3 times, turn to the right and have a repeated process. After finishing this, throw those sticks in the smoking bathtub, which is situated there.


The candle racks can also be found outside the temple. Light two candles in front of the rack and hold them the same way as those sticks up your forehead. Bow three times and pray.


Buddha is a polyglot who is well versed in English, so there isn’t any need to worry about being a local there. It is not necessary to chant or pray in Chinese. Buddha has his way to understand your language.




It is important that when we perform some sensitive rituals like prayers or chants, we know everything about them to avoid mishaps. With that, Chinese people are way too sensitive and not being careless about having prayers in Buddha temples. It is essential to pray according to how it is done and has been done from ancient years.

Tips For Polishing Your Own Car

For many car enthusiasts, it is painful to watch when the car’s paintwork becomes dull and loses its shine. In such cases, the only thing that helps is a good polish to give the car a new shine.

No matter how hard you try to protect the paintwork of your own car , it still has to withstand many environmental influences. These include falling rocks, weather conditions such as hail and snow, but also insects and bird droppings. As that attacks the paint of the car.

This is damaged more and more over time and even cracks or fades. Then, at the latest, it is time to act in order to avoid major damage. How do you properly polish a car and what tips should you take to heart?

How Do You Imagine Polishing A Car?

If you don’t have a lot of experience with cars, you can often not even imagine what is behind the car polishing . Basically, however, this procedure is not that difficult to carry out and therefore does not necessarily have to be carried out in a workshop.

Simply put, you can imagine the polish like sanding down. The paintwork of every car is approximately 120 micrometers thick. Approximately 0.3 micrometers are polished away with each polish. How much paint is actually sanded off depends on the respective polishing machine.

Due to the thickness of the paint and the very little removal of paint, a car can be polished several times without damaging the paint. On the contrary: polishing is even important so that the paintwork shines again and is protected from weather conditions and other environmental influences. The polishing creates a kind of new “protective layer”.

Find The Right Polishing Machine

In most cases it makes more sense to do the polishing with a machine. The polishing machine works much faster, requires less effort and achieves better results. However, one should also be aware of the fact that the wrong machine or incorrect use can be responsible for major damage to the paintwork.

A polishing machine test shows that there are two types: A distinction can be made between eccentric and rotary machines. The difference is that the rotary machine works in circular movements and the eccentric in elliptical shapes. The latter is often recommended for beginners, as no major damage can be done here.

Rotary machines, on the other hand, are more suitable for professionals and are a little more demanding to operate. In return, even better results can be achieved with it.

Important: For the right polish, not only the right machine is important, but also the right polish. The pastes should be suitable for the paintwork and the device so that no damage occurs. It should also be noted that some cars are harder to polish than others. This applies, for example, to black cars, where bumps stand out very quickly.